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San Andreas Reservoir Road Improvements [BID TABULATION]

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2:00 PM

  • Type Construction
  • Department Infrastructure Division
Project Description
An electronic version of the bidding forms is available by request.   To request these materials, email with this Contract No. WD-2902, the firm name, full address, email address, phone number, copy of contractor’s license or business card, and a copy of a government-issued identification.

The objective of the project is to protect SFPUC access roads along San Andreas Lake and Reservoir by re-establishing eroded embankments and by constructing retaining walls. Additionally, the debris boom anchors will be replaced.  The work is to be performed in County of San Mateo, California.

Bid discounts may be applied as per San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 14B and Section 2.01 of CMD Attachment 6.  The Local Business Enterprise (LBE) subcontracting requirement is 10.00%. The LBE subcontracting requirement can only be met with CMD certified San Francisco Micro and Small-LBEs and SFPUC Micro & Small-LBEs.  The LBE subcontracting participation requirement is 10.00% due to a high degree of specialty work involved in this contract including the installation of the cast-in-drilled-hole soldier lagging retaining wall with tiebacks and shotcrete facing.  Prime and Joint Venture level LBE participation cannot be counted towards meeting any of the LBE subcontracting requirement(s). LBE subcontractors must be certified with CMD in the scope of work they are being listed to perform. All Bidders shall submit documented Good Faith efforts with their Bids as directed on CMD Form 2B, except those who exceed the above-stated subcontracting requirement(s) by at least 35%. Refer to CMD Attachment 6. Failure to comply with Chapter 14B requirements may result in a Bid being deemed non-responsive and ineligible for Contract award.  Please contact Jovineth Cuntapay-Vitin at (650) 273-6352 or for further information.  Subcontracting opportunities may include, but not limited, to the following major types of work: A General Engineering Contracting, C-12 Earthwork & Paving, C-27 Landscape Contractor, C-34 Pipeline Contractor, C-50 Reinforcing Steel Contractor, C-51 Structural Steel Contractor, D-49 Tree Service, C-60 Welding Contractor, Trucking and Hauling. 

Interested Bidders are encouraged to attend by remote means a teleconference pre-bid and contractor networking conference to be held on 8/8/2023 at 10:00 A.M.  To participate by remote means, please access the meeting at this website:  The Meeting ID is 889 4137 6584 and meeting Passcode is 223059. To join, enter Meeting ID and click Join.  When prompted, enter the meeting Passcode.  To participate by phone, dial +1.213.338.8477 and enter the Meeting ID followed by # key.  When prompted, enter the meeting Passcode and # key.  Attendance of remote attendees will be completed at the end of the pre-bid meeting.  A site inspection will be held at Hillcrest Blvd entrance to the Peninsula Watershed located at the Hillcrest Blvd dead-end, just west of I-280, located in Millbrae, CA (Lat 37.588956, Long -122.412937), at 1:00 P.M. on 8/8/2023.

SFPUC encourages Bidders to submit a completed Safety Prequalification Web Form at least 3-weeks prior to the date of Bid opening in accordance with Section 00 21 13 – Instructions to Bidders.  Bidders are required to pass the Safety Prequalification prior to SFPUC considering their bid submission complete.  SFPUC will notify Bidders that have passed the Safety Prequalification prior to or on the date of Bid opening.  Refer to Section 00 21 13 – Instructions to Bidders, “Bidder Qualifications” and the following website: for additional information.

A Class “A” California Contractors License is required to bid.  Furthermore, each listed subcontractor must possess appropriate active licenses for the work each subcontractor will be performing.

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Pre-Bid Conference

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