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WW-750 RFQ&P
Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant SEP7 Operations, Engineering, and Maintenance Buildings

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Project Description
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (“SFPUC”) announces a Request for Qualifications and Proposals (“RFQ&P”) inviting California Class “B” General Building Contractors to submit their qualifications for evaluation and submit a Proposal simultaneously in response to this RFQ&P to perform pre-construction and construction services for Contract No. WW-750 –Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant SEP-7 Operations, Engineering, and Maintenance Buildings (“SEP-7” or “Project”), using the Construction Manager / General Contractor project delivery method. Interested parties responding to this RFQ&P (“Applicants” or “Proposers”) must be construction manager / general contractors (“CM/GCs”) capable of performing preconstruction services and building construction services. 

Work shall comply with all applicable codes and regulatory agencies’ standards having jurisdiction over the design, construction and operation of the Project. The Project, located at 1700 Jerrold Avenue, a property just under an acre, located at Jerrold Avenue and Phelps Street, will replace an existing facility (SEP 850) with two new buildings, Maintenance Mechanical (SEP 603) and Operations, Engineering and Maintenance (SEP 914).  The work includes relocation of SEP 850 staff, facilities and utilities; demolition of the SEP 850 building, two existing trailers (SEP 850A and 850B) and an adjacent surface parking lot; and construction of the new buildings.  The new buildings will provide shops for maintenance groups, offices for the engineering division and shower and locker facilities for the Plant.  The Maintenance Mechanical building (SEP 603) will be one-story with a mezzanine, 35 feet high, and approximately 10,000 square feet of industrial shops space for SEP maintenance crews.  The Operations, Engineering and Maintenance (SEP 914) will be three-stories, 50 feet high, and approximately 42,000 square feet.  The building would consist of a lobby, breakroom, industrial shops for Painters, Carpenters, and Plumbers on the first floor, shower and locker facilities and meeting space on the second floor, and offices for Engineering staff on the third floor.  Construction of the new buildings would require temporary relocation of existing equipment and occupants in and adjacent to SEP 850.  This incudes engineering staff on the third floor, showers and lockers on the second floor, and HVAC equipment that connects to SEP 930 located on the ground floor.  The following is the proposed plan for each:

a.       Engineering staff – Temporary relocation to trailers used for Headworks, located on Phelps.
b.       Showers & Lockers – New shower trailers would need to be sourced for staff use throughout the life of the project. These trailers will require power, water, and sewer connections.
c.       Boiler & HVAC – The existing boiler and air conditioning equipment in SEP 850 provides service to neighboring building SEP 930. A temporary plant will need to constructed to house this equipment during construction. This plant will need to function before the utilities are decommissioned at SEP 850.

Digital files of the RFQ&P package may be downloaded at no cost at the SFPUC’s Contracts, Bid Opportunities and Payments webpage at  Notices regarding addenda and other RFQ&P changes will be distributed by email to RFQ&P holders.

A RFQ&P informational teleconference will be held by teleconference on Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 9:30 a.m. at or by dialing 1-669-219-2599, Meeting ID 840 2572 7977 and Passcode 183566 (hit # after each). 

Per the RFQ&P, a site visit is scheduled on Monday, September 18, 2023 at 8:00 AM as noted in Paragraph 3.03A and the rsvp information is in Paragraph 5.05B.

Written questions regarding the RFQ&P shall be directed to no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, September 29, 2023.

Respondents must submit their required written submittals via upload in response to the RFQ&P no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday, October 11, 2023. 

The SFPUC will not consider any late submissions.

Pursuant to Charter Section 3.105, all contract awards are subject to certification by the Controller as to the availability of funds. For this project, as set forth in detail in the contract, the SFPUC will issue purchase orders incrementally as needed to fund project work over the duration of the project, which serves the functions of Controller certification and encumbrance of project funds available for payments. 

Request for proposal

    Estimated Direct Cost of Construction: $75,000,000
    4:00 PM
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