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Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant Ozonation

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2:00 PM

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An electronic version of the bidding forms, contract specifications, drawings, and available project information are available by request. To request these materials, email with this Contract No. WD-2897, the firm name, full address, email address, phone number, copy of contractor’s license or business card, and a copy of a government-issued identification. Visit for updates. Please be advised that prior to receiving these materials, all requestors will be required to complete, sign, and comply with a Confidentiality Agreement.

The objective of the project is to install a raw water ozonation system including the following major components: 10-inch through 66-inch diameter piping, elbows and valves; Concrete valve vaults; Ozone Generator Building; Electrical Building; Loop Cooling Water Systems; Cryogenic Oxygen Tank Systems; Liquid Oxygen Vaporizer Systems; Ozone Generators; Ozone Injector Systems; Ozone Contact Basin; Ozone Destruct Systems; Pre-chloramination Facilities for Bromate Control Instrumentation & Controls; Shop
Space; Solar Panels; Standby Power Systems; High Voltage & Low Voltage Electrical Eq. & Distribution Systems; Underground Utilities; and Site Improvements. The work is to be performed in Sunol, California.

There will be no LBE bid discounts for this contract. The Local Business Enterprise (LBE) subcontracting requirement is 8.00%. The LBE subcontracting requirement can only be met with CMD certified San Francisco Micro and Small-LBEs and SFPUC Micro & Small-LBEs. The 8% LBE subcontracting requirement is established because the scope requires highly skilled and/or specialty niche trades with limited LBE availability, such as, installation of large diameter pipes (up to 8 feet in diameter), valves and appurtenances; installation of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen storage and conveyance facilities, ozonation generation equipment, ozone destruct equipment, and instrumentation and control systems; and, installation of large and complex structures, reinforced drilled piers for structural slope stability and a microwave radio tower, with associated equipment. Prime and Joint Venture level LBE participation cannot be counted towards meeting any of the LBE subcontracting requirement(s). LBE subcontractors must be certified with CMD in the scope of work they are being listed to perform. All Bidders shall submit documented Good Faith efforts with their Bids as directed on CMD Form 2B, except those who exceed the above-stated subcontracting requirement(s) by at least 35%. Refer to CMD Attachment 6. Failure to comply with Chapter 14B requirements may result in a Bid being deemed non-responsive and ineligible for Contract award. Please contact Katherine Mundhenk at (925) 967-2154 or for further information. Subcontracting opportunities may include, but not limited, to the following major types of work: earthwork, paving, trucking and hauling, pipeline construction, pipeline appurtenances, drilling, concrete, reinforcing steel, paving, landscaping, electrical, mechanical, fencing, plumbing, carpentry and instrumentation.

Interested Bidders are encouraged to attend by remote means a teleconference pre-bid and contractor networking conference to be held on 10/17/2023 at 10:00 AM. To participate by remote means, please access the meeting at this website: The Meeting ID is 823 9956 0242 and meeting Passcode is 338217. To join, enter Meeting ID and click Join. When prompted, enter the meeting Passcode. To participate by phone, dial +1.213.338.8477 and enter the Meeting ID followed by # key. When prompted, enter the meeting Passcode and # key. Attendance of remote attendees will be completed at the end of the pre-bid meeting.

A site inspection will be held at Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant, 8635 Calaveras Road, Sunol, Ca. 94586, at 1:00 PM on 10/17/2023.

SFPUC encourages Bidders to complete the Safety Prequalification Web Form at at least 3-weeks prior to the date of Bid opening in accordance with Section 00 21 13 – Instructions to Bidders. Bidders are required to pass the Safety Prequalification prior to SFPUC considering their bid submission complete. SFPUC will notify Bidders that have passed the Safety Prequalification prior to or on the date of Bid opening. Refer to Section 00 21 13 – Instructions to Bidders, “Bidder Qualifications” and the website listed above for additional information.

A Class “A” California Contractors License is required to bid. Furthermore, each listed subcontractor must possess appropriate active licenses for the work each subcontractor will be performing.

Funding for this project may be provided in full or in part through an agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board. California’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (“DWSRF”) is capitalized through a variety of funding sources, including grants from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and state bond proceeds. Funding for this project may also be supplemented by the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (“WIFIA”). The contents of this document do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the foregoing, nor does mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use. Utilization of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (“DBE”) firms is encouraged. Bidder must take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that DBE firms have an opportunity to compete for, and participate in, performance on the project; information on DBE certification is available at the following link: In accordance with the DBE Good Faith Effort process, Bidders are required to make information on forthcoming opportunities available to DBEs by posting solicitations for bids or proposals for a minimum of 30 calendar days before the bid opening date. As a prime Bidder, be sure to specifically state that you are seeking DBEs in the DBE Good Faith Effort process outlined above. The Bidder shall comply with all applicable terms and conditions, special provisions, and reporting requirements, as set forth in these specifications, and as may be required by federal law, rule, or regulation. Refer to specification Section 00 48 10 for more information.

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