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RFP for DB-132
New Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

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2:00 PM

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Additional Pre-Submittal Meeting:
The SFPUC will host an additional Pre-Submittal Meeting on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 10:30AM.  This Pre-Submittal Meeting will focus on Section 01 73 33 - Artwork Coordination and Requirements that was added via Addendum No. 2.  Please use the following link to attend:

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (“SFPUC”) announces a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) from pre-qualified firms to provide design services and construction services for Contract No. DB-132 – New Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (“NTIWTP” or “Project”) using the Design-Build project delivery method.  SFPUC, a department of the City and County of San Francisco (the “City”), seeks to retain the services of a Design-Builder (“DB”) to design and construct the Project on Treasure Island (TI) in San Francisco, California.

Proposals are due prior to 2:00 P.M. on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.  Questions concerning this RFP should be addressed via email to Derek K. Wong at

SFPUC project staff will conduct a Pre-Submittal Conference by remote means on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at 10:00 AM.  To participate by remote means, please access the meeting at this website:  The Meeting ID is 873 3306 5768 and meeting Passcode is 940205. To join, enter Meeting ID and click Join.  When prompted, enter the meeting Passcode.  To participate by phone, dial +1.213.338.8477 and enter the Meeting ID followed by # key.  

SFPUC project staff will conduct site visit(s) on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 10:00 AM, located at the project site, Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Due to the unique complexities of the design and construction required for this Project, the City has determined that the Project requires specialized expertise and skill, which should be procured with an alternate project delivery method in comparison to the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method.  The City has selected the Design-Build project delivery method, with a Fixed Budget Limit Procurement, in accordance with San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 6.61(b). 

The City has pre-qualified the following firms (“Qualified Candidates”) through a Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) process. Only these firms, appearing in alphabetical order, are allowed to submit Proposals in response to this RFP:

1. MWH Constructors & Webcor Builders
2. PCL Construction & Stantec Consulting Services

The DB will be obligated to perform Professional, Pre-Construction, and Construction Services to complete the project Design and perform Construction Services to deliver the Project, meeting the SFPUC’s quality goals, schedule, and budget.

The SFPUC anticipates awarding to the selected Proposer an approximately 36-month (3-year) Design-Build contract. The total Fixed Budget Limit is $158,000,000 for the Design and Construction services.  The Proposers shall submit a Total Proposed Design-Build Fixed Price (hereinafter “Total Proposed Fixed Price”) equal to or less than the Fixed Budget Limit.  The Total Proposed Fixed Price must include all Project Enhancements offered by the Proposer as specified in Section 7.00 - Evaluation and Selection Criteria below. The Total Proposed Fixed Price is the sum of the Proposed Price for Design and Proposed Price for Construction, including without limitation all pre-construction services.

Environmental Review:  The City has conducted an environmental review of the proposed project under the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”).  

Local Business Enterprise: The Local Business Enterprise (“LBE”) participation requirement for this Project is 13% of the Design Phase portion of the Contract Sum and is 15% of the Construction Phase portion of the Contract Sum.  

San Francisco Local Hiring Policy: The Local Hiring Goal for the Construction Phase of the Project is 30%. 

State Revolving Fund:  The City anticipates that this Project will be financed by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, as administered by the California State Water Resources Control Board and/or  the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act as administered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  Proposers shall comply with all applicable terms and conditions, special provisions, and reporting requirements, as set forth in these specifications, and as may be required by federal law, rule, or regulation.  Proposer shall take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (“DBEs”) have an opportunity to compete for, and participate in, performance on project contracts and subcontracts, including subconsultant opportunities for DB services, if any.  Proposers must perform good faith outreach efforts to certified DBEs, including making information on forthcoming opportunities available to DBEs and posting solicitations to work on this Project for a minimum of 30 calendar days before the due date of the Proposal.  

Social Impact Partnership (“SIP”): In a future written addenda to be made part of this RFP, the SFPUC anticipates including a SIP Submittal which Proposer may voluntarily propose SIP Commitments to directly benefit the communities, neighborhoods, and/or residents impacted by the Project.

Local Participation Services: The Proposer is required to identify and include a team member(s) capable of developing a Local Workforce Development Strategy.  

Project Labor Agreement:  The Project is subject to the requirements of the Water System Improvement Program

Project Labor Agreement (‘WSIP PLA”) and the Second Addendum, thereto, dated July 23, 2019, collectively “PLA.”  Proposers are advised that the PLA is incorporated into and made a part of any contract awarded for this Project.

DIR Registration:  In accordance with California Labor Code Sections 1771.1 and 1725.5, the City will not award a contract to a Proposer without proof that the Proposer and all identified subcontractors are currently registered with the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Request for proposal

    Fixed Budget Limit is $158,000,000
    2:00 PM
    ShareFile link to be provided to Proposers.
    Contract Administration Bureau (415) 551-4603 or

Pre-Submittal Conference

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